Advertising with gets you in the spot light!

One of the most powerful methods to reach prospective clients is the internet. Promoting your business is essential to surviving.  The internet provides the largest and the most specific targeted audience today. The number of households with computers has doubled in the last 4 years and is constantly increasing.  Business survival requires your ability to tap the ever-growing market outside of your business location.  This is your opportunity to get in early and save.

We offer Button Ads, Banner Ads, and for those wanting a bit more your very own page with

  • will provide high-visibility advertisement to a variety of people and companies wishing to do business on the south shore.
  • is new and will offer an abundance of content to attract site visitors.
  • We will be taking a different approach from others by tailoring for businesses.
  • We strive to understand your business needs and will make every effort to provide the service you so richly deserve. 

For more information read on. If you need additional information or are ready to make a move email us at

Banner Ads
Banner ads are image ads located in various locations on some of our pages @ A banner is shared with other advertisers and rotates with equal time continuously.  Banners are the approximate size as the image to the right. 
  • Home Page - Point of entry to Limited advertising available here
  • Page Choice - That's right, you choose the page you want to be visible on (some exceptions do exist, please check with us beforehand)

Banner Ads images are not Animated. Can be various formats GIF, JPG

Price for 1 Banner Ad $10/Month 3 months min

Premium Option 1
Your very own page.  This is for businesses that would like a little more without the hassle of their own website and all that goes with it. 
  • A mini-website dedicated to just your business with photos, logos, business description, and contact information (up to 3 pages)
  • Company description several paragraphs long
  • Up to 1 dozen photos of various sizes (max size limitation exists)
  • Your choice of fonts and colors
  • Several changes per month to keep the content fresh.  This might include specials, new services, contact and description changes and even photo updates
  • your very own URL to be used on company stationery
  • UR would be
  • Links to your email address(s)


Website Example


Price for Page Ad
$15/Month 3 months min

Premium Option 2
Included are all offerings as Premium Option 1 and the following
  • Twice as many pages
  • Twice as many photos
  • Sound content on your page (some restrictions apply)
  • Video/flash animation content on your page3 (some restrictions apply)
  • Several RSS feeds to keep the site fresh


Website Example


Price for 1 Page Ad
$20/Month 3 months min

All businesses advertising with will automatically be listed in our business listing section.

For more information Email us at

**Price subject to change without notice from this website or any of it's pages**